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Posted by Max from on September 16, 1998 at 10:42:56:

In Reply to: Does enybody manufacture his whip or others Indy`s items? posted by John Jones Stork on September 16, 1998 at 08:39:37:

: : :I made almost ten or more whips, three satchels and three shirts.
: I change form of seven or more hats.A tailor made leather jacket for me.All this things are far from calling them "good".I didn`t have Internet so I didn`t have pictures, abilites of ordering Indy`s clothes and items.In Poland where I live, I have only a movies.Did enybody had that problem too? If somone did maybe he could give me some advices, like: where to find plans or good pictures of Indy`s satchel, shoes, shirt or anything. Most of things are too far from Poland or too expensive. Only jacket from Wested Leather is not (I will order it soon). By the way, what do you think about our mania of
: colecting Indy`s items? Is it normal or we all should go to a doctor?
: : :John "Jones" Stork (Janusz Bocian) calling from Poland
: : :P.S. One more question for owners of David Morgan`s bullwhip.
: Is it glued?I mind, does the straps are joined each-other by glue?
: It is very important to manufacture a whip, as I want to do.
: : :Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

the only things I made myself were a nice whip holster and a some
kind of grail diary. You'd be best off to visit the picture galleries
of this homepage. They include some nice movie stills which may be
used as a reference. Also you may want to go to Indy's Diggs, a page
dedicated to the Indy costume and props. You can find good pictures
and some detailed specifications as well. Use the link below to go
there. Constructing a good quality bullwhip which is accurate and well
balanced is difficult. David Morgan published a book about whipmaking
and braiding. Anyway, the whips are not glued. They are several layers
of braided kangaroo hide. I'm not a whip expert however so maybe some
of the more experienced whipcrackers can help you. Just wait for guys
like Dan Borton or Dale Dassel to respond. You can also try to email
Nope, I don't think we are all mad and psychopathic. Most Star Wars or
Star Trek fans are much more obsessed (no offence).
Good luck.


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