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Posted by Jeff from on September 18, 1998 at 18:33:34:

In Reply to: Re: Who could play Indy posted by Mithrandir on September 17, 1998 at 16:32:19:

: : I have been watching the forum for a while about who should play Indy if they decid to make more movies if George Lucas follows tradition he will find someone that is rather unkown. It would be an actor that was lanky and sorta confused looking most the time but still be able to play the Indy and Professor Jones (Superman/Clark Kent?) role with the same beliveability as Mr. Ford. I was watching the Rocketeer by Disney last night and it would take some one like Bill Cambell to give the Jones saga a new look.
: : Just a Thought
: : Gary
: Not a bad idea. If you're talking about relatively unknowns, I'd suggest that guy from Army of Darkness or the Brisco County Jr. guy. Just don't pull in a martail arts guy - Indy has two fists, a gun, a whip, his brains...he can take care of himself (usually) with just those.

Well there seems to be a clear division on this board on whether or not there should be an Indy without Harrison Ford. The rationale seems to be some Indy rather than none at all. I'm divided on this issue but I do have a comment:
Sometimes we don't know how valuable something is to us untill it's gone. I suggest that EVERYBODY go to see Indy4 when it comes out and think about it for awhile. Some Indy or no Indy, Indy4 will be the last of something.

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