Don't Replace. Enhance.

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Posted by BMan from on September 21, 1998 at 16:29:19:

In Reply to: Re: Crazy idea for the Indy future! posted by Barry Allen on September 19, 1998 at 19:12:27:

: : While I was watching Godzilla this afternoon (cool movie by the way)a crazy idea came into my small brains. The computer technology is now so far evolved that they can create real looking animals and people. Just look at Jurassic Park, Spawn, Godzilla and a lot of other movies I forgot, they are just like real! In a few years they can create actors themselves! And there begins my idea: I was thinking if it's possible they can make Harrison Ford with computer technology, when it's possible to do that we don't need a new actor to play Indy when Harrison is to old for that. Then they can make a lot more Indy movies and don't get James Bond like situations. That should be the coolest thing in my life! Or do you think I'm getting crazy?
: : -Nutty Webley-

: You are getting crazy. Without actors, movies wouldnīt be worth anything. And the most important part of Indiana Jones was the one provided by Harrison Fordīs own charisma. A computer can only repeat a program, never adding anything new. Indiana would become just a digital robot, without personality. And what about the resto of the actors? They would have to work talking to thin air!

: Barry Allen

I don't think you could, or should, replace human actors, but you could enhance them. In "George Lucas The Creative Impulse", there is a section on Young Indy, and how ILM had to work its magic on Corey Carrier. Because of the non-linear shooting used in Young Indy, Carrier was several years older when two separate scenes for the same episode were shot. ILM used computer effects to erase the age difference, which for someone that age could have been dramatic.

I think Ford could play Indy again, but to place the action in the mid to late 1940's, Indy would have be in his mid-40's. If they wait too long, Harrison Ford won't be able to pull it off visually. ILM could make it all possible.

Just my take on things.


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