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Posted by Matt Walker from on September 26, 1998 at 22:30:40:

In Reply to: Dometakis Quest -- how many would be willing? posted by Mike Davis on September 26, 1998 at 21:46:19:

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: : : : Ok, here is the deal, I've got the wested jack, the hj hat, the alden shoes, the web belts, the webley holster(which in my opinion is very different from Indy's), and a colt 1911 government replica. but I still need pants and a shirt. I know that it is impossible to get the pants but does anybody think I should try to get Dometakis to make a shirt for me. I've heard some reports that he takes orders but never sends them. maybe if a bunch of us got together and ordered a lot of them and had them all delivered to one person(like Michaelson if willing because he seems like the big cheese around here), maybe he would make them and send them more quickly. although it would be pretty tough to organize. Anyway, do you guys think I should attempt to get a dometakis or should I give up. And if I should try, what should I say to him, "Uhhh, hi, will you make an Indy shirt for me?" Has anybody ever succeeded and got a dometakis shirt? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

: : : : Matt

: : : Wow, hate to put the pin to your balloon of enthusiasm but since joining this merry band back in Vault 5/6, nobody has any success with Dometakis producing an individual shirt. You'd have better luck trying to find the Grail. It seems that there were attempts by other individuals but the whole thing just fell through. The proprietor just isn't interested in producing individual movie replica shirts. This item remains to be the most elusive of the Indy collectibles. And it's a shirt for pete's sake! Now, some people here have had success in having a seamstress or tailor produce a copy of the shirt. That might be an option for you. Short of kidnapping Dometakis and chaining him to a sewing machine, that may be the only option. -MP

: : I agree the reason that most of the people that do pice work 1 off items dont make them a lot of money. but if he would I bet most of us would order from him which would mean anout 40 shirts and pants I belive that this this would get him to notice. But his price would be higher than a retail source.
: : Gary

: Forum,

: How many of the forum readers would be willing to purchase the shirt if someone were to contact him with a LARGE order? It would be hard to organize, but if there were 40 (hopefully much more) people who wold be willing to purchase the shirt then maybe that would get his attention. Please reply if you would be willing to purchase the shirt that would most likely cost between $100 and $200. Then we will see how big of a demand there is. Please only respond if you've got the dough and you are really willing. Please keep adding on to the list:

: 1. Mike Davis
2. Matt Walker

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