Ford Is Out! Selleck's In!

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Posted by Jeff Boam on November 19, 1997 at 04:44:47:

Hey Indy Fans

I love this board - been watching a while now. Thought I'd finally make some noise.

Just a note to let you know what is going on with Indy 4. The screenplay I completed, a final and largely unrecognizable draft of the one that Jeb Stuart started (he's now directed SWITCHBACK), got thrown out by Ford, so Lucas and Spielberg decided to say "no" too. The problem is that Ford is getting "difficult" - he's been the main delay since Lucas okayed a pre-production status with both Fox and Paramount more than two years ago. F's tossed every script, regardless of how good it was or wether L and S were excited by it.

S and F have been freinds for eons, so they are not going to waste a relationship over it. Apparently, both of them had a meeting with Lucas and announced their decision not to get involved with a fourth movie.

L, of course has finished ALL principle photography on the new Star Wars production, and during the break between that and post-production, got the Indy 4 ball rolling again, starting with a call to Stuart to revise HIS script.

I'm peeved.

L thinks he can sue the beejeezus out of me for doing this, but I'm here to blab it all and let him try. At the most, he'll have to have Stuart start a new script from scratch! Here's what I know, all blabbed to me by an excited and so-called freind Stuart:

1. Ford will not play Indiana Jones. After YIJC, L has seen the possibilities that can be had by letting another actor handle the chores. What a better way to celebrate the RAIDERS 20th than by selecting the actor of original choice, Selleck? That's just what's happening.

2. The movie is set in 1936 - same as Raiders, but does take place after words, and WILL be in direct continuity, but with a fresh story source. It involves Indy's search for his classic Dusenberg, lost at the beginning of Temple of Doom. The villains will be Chinese gangsters and the story is mostly set in 'Frisco and Arizona.

3. Sean Patrick Flanery will appear in a teaser scene, as Indy, but simultaniously with the introduction of Selleck. Not sure how that's going to work, but Stuart made it clear that it is meant to be the handing-over-the-reigns-to-the-new-guy gag!

4. Stuart will probably direct the picture, unless L chickens at the last minute of pre-production (which he is notorius for). Stuart indicated that a call was also made to Frank Durabont concerning this project.

5. As usual, L will take story credit with Stuart, but otherwise will only exec-produce the film, and probably take producer credit too, though he definately will not have a hands on role in the production (unless he forfiets Star Wars Episode Two to someone else, which is unlikely).

6. John Rhys-Davies has been contracted to reprise Sallah since the Disney ride opened (that was his part of the deal in that) - of course he will be in the picture. Marcus Brody appeared in the original script, and might be replaced by a new American character - as Stuart decribred him, a brash, loud-mouthed lug - who is supposed to give Indy's classroom scenes some real punch. Stuart is lobbying for Joe Don Baker (in the latest two Bond films) to play the part, though L was already considering simply handing over the Brody character to Julian Glover.

7. Karen Allen was scripted to appear, but will probably be dropped. Mark Hammil's involvement was a Lucas-generated rumor to smokescreen the fact that he will appear as Luke in the new Star Wars movies (by use of framing devices, a'la YIJC - that's for those of you that care about that).

8. Look for this exact same note to be broken in Entertainment Weekly by December.

9. Look for this movie in 2000 or 2001.

Have a swell time folks. See you there.

Jeffrey Boam

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