WALLACE is going to kill me...did Ford or DiCrapio/Winslut do a better huge-potentially-fatal-thing-chasing-after-me sequence?

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Posted by The Grey Wanderer from on September 30, 1998 at 20:30:02:

Let's review each. Ford did his own stunts, he was stumbling, carrying something, probably laden down with more equipment, did diving, tumbling, all the good stuff and it has come to symbolize Indiana Jones. Music could have been a little better though, in my opinion.

DiCrapio and Winslut are chased in slowmotion by a huge wall of supposedly-freezing water for bout a ten-second shot. It looks good, the water, the lighting, the music, we can tell it's really those poor bastards and not some stunt people. In the next shot however they are caught by it (we don't really see their faces, so I'll assume that there were doubles). Guess all the smoking kind of got to their lungs. Poor bastards. Terrific shot though. Looks incredible in widescreen, THX, and surround sound (all three of which I'd endorse if I could).

The winner: Ford. No stunt man, no faking it. Sheer speed, determination, and a little bit of Indy's special brand of magic pull Indy into the winner's circle. Ford at his age now could outrun that wall of water.

WALLACE is going to bite my head off at the thought of comparing Indy to someone lesser but considerable.

-The Grey Wanderer-

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