Warez is wrong!

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Posted by Bordok from pc1045.public.htk.fi on October 02, 1998 at 06:05:57:

In Reply to: DOWNLOADS posted by INDIANA GJR on October 01, 1998 at 12:48:22:

: Are there any free downloads of any sort of Indy games? I would be very pleased to get my hands on some to kill some time. I have the flu so being sick and not being able to really move around is killing me. If anyone could leave the addresses it would highly be appreciated. Thank You,
: G.J.R.

In my opinion it's wrong to copy games. Especially LucasArts games... :) It's ok to copy games that are no longer being sold, but the games that have just been released shouldn't be copied. Just go to a store to buy the game if you want it... The creators deserve the money...
You can still get the old Indy games from a store... Fate of Atlantis is being sold on 3,5 disks and on CD. It costs about $15 at www.lucasarts.com. You can get the Last Crusade graphic adventure in a LucasArts Classic box along with 4 other games, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Loom and Monkey Island (one of the greatest games ever). Fate of Atlantis is also available on the LucasArts Archives collection.
If you weren't talking about the LucasArts games, but freeware games, then forget all that stuff I said :)
If you want the games, you don't wanna buy 'em and you don't care about LucasArts then just goto your search engine (eg. Hotbot) and type 'abandonware' and some cool older games should start popping up. You shouldn't download 'em though :)

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