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Posted by ~The Raider~ from on October 02, 1998 at 20:16:03:

In Reply to: A "Titanic/Indy" observation posted by Michaelson on October 02, 1998 at 10:42:26:

: As I sit here waiting for my next class videotaping, I remembered the bruha that took place on this forum at the first of the year regarding comparisons between Titanic, the movie, and Indiana Jones. How in the world all that got going, I really don't remember, and seriously DON'T want to re-ignit. What's interesting is that several writers of the extreme Pro-Titanic movie group stated that Titanic would reign supreme and would "echo" for years long past the "Indy experience", as I recall someone writing. Just to kill time, I went to Yahoo and typed in "Titanic" to see how many pages like ours were out there. Out of 450 entries I found 3 personal pages with no forums of any kind, and interestingly enough, 3 ANTI Titanic web pages offering free memberships againest this movie. I typed in Indiana Jones, and you all know how many items jumped out there, links and all. No anti anything there either. I just found this interesting that after 17+ years the steam is still up for Indy, but never off the ground for the other after just 5 months or so. Like I said, I never did understand that rowe anyhow. Regards. Michaelson

Being a viewer of movies from 1928 to 1998, I can tell you the reason that people are so quick to jump onto "Titanic" as the one of the all-time greatest:
We are in dire need of another "Casablanca", another "Ten Commandments" and another "Raiders". Granted alot of people don't take "Raiders" seriously, but that could be attributed to the other two, that kinda swiped the mystique and charm from the freshness of the original.
What we need is another PG rated, nudity/profanity free four-star classic that literally the whole family can enjoy, from the action loving kids, the gore/romance loving teenagers, to the adults that know where the director is coming from. We need another all-time classic, so bad in fact, we try to find one where there is the slightest hint of one exists. I'm sorry to say, but I also can't feature DiCaprio in a movie of this kind.
Sorry, just my two cents.
~The Raider

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