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Posted by Swordmaster from on October 05, 1998 at 01:34:52:

In Reply to: How Come Temple's Got a Bad Rap? posted by Andrea on October 04, 1998 at 10:34:12:

At first, I have to ask you to excuse me because while I'm a huge Indy fan, I don't know as much about the movies as you do, but here's my opinion about this:

: Am I one of the few that believe Temple of Doom is arguably the best
: in the series? Most completely disagree with me, which is perfectly
: allright.

IMHO, I have always somehow thought Temple wasn't really an Indy movie. I mean, Raiders and Last Crusade are so light-hearted and fun action that the dark themes of Temple didn't fit into that category. And it doesn't even have Nazis!

Anyway, as many observers have without a doubt noticed before, the Indy trilogy is a lot like the Star Wars trilogy. The first in the series is pure action-adventure, without much character development or intellectual content. The second in the series (Temple and Empire Strikes Back) is much more darker, introducing depth to the characters. And the third one is again a lighter, "easier" movie.

In my opinion, Empire Strikes Back is the best one out of SW trilogy, but with Indy films, the decision is not so easy. Every movie has it's good sides (Raiders' storyline is the best, Temple is the most frightening and Last Crusade the funniest).

I haven't seen Temple many times in my life (about twice or thrice (is that a word?)), so I can't give you a detailed opinion about it. It's a great movie, anyway :)

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