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Posted by Laurie Jensen from on October 06, 1998 at 01:12:47:

In Reply to: Herbert Johnson Fedora posted by belloq on October 05, 1998 at 09:11:00:

: Before I order a fedora, I have some questions which you may be able to answer.
: : First, is the ribbon currently offered by HJ the "correct" ribbon as determined by some of Indy Forum Fedora experts (39mm, very dark brown Petersham, "corded" not "sawtooth" edge?)(see Greg's helpful post)
: : Secondly, is the HJ most like the Raiders fedora which I prefer, or other film versions?
: : Thirdly, will HJ fit the hat according to ones's size (not only the hat size (7 1/4) but my height and body size- I am concerned that a hat made for a tall Mr. Ford will look ridiculously large on the head of a short slim 5'6" fellow like myself?)
: : Fourthly, Is there a return policy for the hat or is this a non- returnable custom order?
: I greatly appreciate any knowledge you may share. Thank you.

The two things that really affect how a hat will fit you are the shape of your head and the type of haircut that you have. All heads are not shaped alike, i.e. some people have a pear shaped head, some people a round head, etc. However, it sounds like the Poet is an over the counter hat that probably is sized generically according to length around the head. If you order from Herbert Johnson you probably can ask about any alterations in sizing for the hat. Maybe they can adjust for hat size, maybe not. Another thing to remember is to properly measure your head in the correct spot. Both the Millerhats page and the Stark and Legum site have instructions on how to measure, and the Stark and Legum site has a metric conversion table, if you're from the States and need that sort of thing.

The way you wear your hair can also affect the fit of the hat. In general, a conservative, close-cut hair style is more conducive to wearing a men's dress hat than longer, fuller hair. One of the reasons fedoras fell out of fashion in the 1960's was because of the trend toward long hair for males. If you're going to be a regular hat wearer, you might want to keep the hair close and consistently cut in about the same length to ensure the best results. Remember to measure your head with whatever length is normal for you.

As for height and weight, they will affect what will look good on your body, just like body type affects what looks good on certain people. Since you're a shorter person, it's probably true that a hat with a less severe crown will look better for you're body type. This leaves you with three options: buy the Raiders version of the hat and enjoy it without worrying about fashion sense (confidence can pull off many looks), buy the Raiders hat and adjust it like Max did, or buy the hat in the less severly crowed Last Crusade version, which is otherwise close to the Raiders style. Or you might try to get them to make a hybrid hat with a Crusade crown and the Raiders brim and front pinch.


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