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Posted by TIGA from on October 06, 1998 at 03:01:10:

In Reply to: Re: How does Indy get his Jacket back in TOD???? posted by Laurie Jensen on October 05, 1998 at 13:43:29:

: There is a bunch of continuity mistakes regarding the clothing in all the movies. In Raiders, Indy gives Belloq his gun and whip, yet a few days later is able to produce a new Smith and Wesson and a replacement bullwhip. The morning after the ride on Katanga's ship Indy is wearing a perfectly clean and pressed pair of pants and an unblemished shirt, despite the fact that both items were damaged during the truck chase. The shirt, in particular, had a hole from the gunshot, and a lot of blood from the resulting wound, so why was it so nice and new?

The jacket took the brunt of the damage (it is zipped at the time of the gravel sliding) and the shirt was simply washed (or perhaps Katanga lent Indy one from a crewmate who'd just washed their own). No stretch of imagination there. And Indy only gave Belloq the dime-a-dozen gun, not the hard-to-replace whip.

: As for TOD, it's not only amazing that Indy managed to go back to the flooded mine and find his jacket

I always presumed he traced the route Mola Ram used to get ahead of him so quickly. But then, Shorty went and got their bag (with the hat), so they probably tossed it (with the jacket inside) to a conveniently retrivable location before starting the children's crusade.

but he then used his magical powers to completely resew his pants and shirts. Indy's clothes were almost shredded, but he shows up at the village with a pristine pair on slacks and shirt. Say what?

No, that did not happen. His shirt was shredded, but their is no indication that it was pristine by the time he showed up at the village (he is wearing his jacket over it). Even then, it's so very likely that Indy and all the kids thoroughly looted Pankot Palace after the revolt, before leaving again fo rhte village (they would need to eat to make a trip that takes two full days). Heck, maybe even Capt. Blumbert gave Indy some military clothes!

: Crusade has problems, too. When Henry and Indy are running around in Spain, Indy is without his equipment belt and whip. Yet when they attack the German tank, Indy has his full assortment of weapons. Did Henry have everything in his bag?

The fact that he is seen without ammo before and with ammo during the chase makes it clear that Indy resupplied himself in Hatay. As for the whip, he might have had to buy a new one, since the Germans undoubtedly confiscated it, along with his previous gun.

LC also has a lot of what I would call weathering or style errors. After Indy busts through the castle window to rescue Henry, he is barely wet, even though he was out in the pouring rain. The hat seems to change style and brim size throughout the movie, and the dirt and dents on the hat aren't mantained in the climactic tank chase.

A difficult task, but hey, I don't notice much of it, so they mus thave done a decent job!

: One thing they did get right was the change in costume between Raiders and it's sequel LC. The differences in the costume may be explained by the fact that Indy lost all his clothes by the end of Raiders. He left the jacket, hat, whip, and equipment belt on Katanga's ship, then he removed the boots, pants, and shirt to disguise himself as a German. The real reason for the change was probably the length of time during the picture, which made exact duplication harder, but it does work for the film.

Or more probably that every costume must be trademarked for each film - you legally CANNOT use the same costume twice. That is why Indy's costume is slightly different in all three films. Same with the Batman flicks. Another one (albiet more interestingly) is Jason's hockey mask in the Friday films. have fun spotting all the tricks they've done to make a different mask over the course of nine films!

Have fun, TIGA

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