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Posted by Rob Davies from on October 07, 1998 at 00:44:07:

In Reply to: Re: *** INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS *** posted by Nick on October 06, 1998 at 19:56:23:

: Hi,

: My friend I would pay even $100 for Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis and for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusaade.
: (Altough I gave $14 for the first and $20 for a game compilation that included the second! - both PC versions)

: However for the Desktop Adventures thing I will not give a dime! It sucks big time (at least for me).

: Have you downloaded and played the Desktop Adventurees? Do it before you buy.

: Now, on the ordering part check out the following web-stores

: CMP Expres


: Software Street

: McGlen Micro

: IC Direct

: The PC Zone & The Mac Zone

: CDW Computer Discount Warehouse

: I hope some vendor will ship the Mac version down under!

: PS. I found all the links that I gave you above at at
: All these vendors had in stock The Curse Of The Monkey Island
: so I hope they also have the Fate of Atlantis too
: The PriceScan link has many links to other software vendors as well
: as the ones I gave you so if you don't find something there, try those as well.
: Remember a good price for The Fate Of Atlantis is around $15-$20.

: If you have any questions or you want anything else drop me a line at

: - Nick

: : Hello,

: : I posted a message a few days ago regarding the availability of the game "Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis" for my Macintosh (not IBM):

: : >Howdy,
: : >
: : >This is just a small plea for anyone who's listening - where can I
: : >get a copy of the old game "Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis"
: : >for my Apple Macintosh?
: : >
: : >I'm pretty sure that the product itself is discontinued, but surely
: : >there must be one somewhere?
: : >
: : >I'm after the newer CDrom version with the "talkie" addition.

: : I recieved some replys giving me the option of either ordering it from "CompUSA" or "Lucasarts".

: : The problem here is that "CompUSA" only sell it for the IBM, and although "Lucasarts" sell it for the Macintosh, they won't ship it over to Australia (help!).

: : Also while I was visiting "Lucasarts" I discovered that they also sell "Indiana Jones And His Desktop Adventures".

: : My dilema has heightened - I'm after both the titles "Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis" and "Indianan Jones And His Desktop Adventures" (both for the apple Macintosh) and only Lucasarts can provide them - what will I do?

: : If anyone has further suggestions or are willing to support me in the crusade of retrieving them from "Lucasarts" then "e" me or post a followup.

: : Cheers,

: : Rob (Australia)
: : ---

Thanks Nick - I shall be trying those addresses straight away!

With regards the "Desktop Adventures" thing, I did play the demo on a friends PC and didn't mind it (Although the demo is only the one game over and over). But I've gotta say... if it's IJ then I'm in!



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