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Posted by Bordok from on October 07, 1998 at 05:57:36:

In Reply to: Lucky Lighter Arrived Today... and Something Wicked This Way Comes (Halloween) posted by Major Paul on October 07, 1998 at 03:21:29:

: Thanks goes out to "Indiana Magnolia" for sending the Last Crusade lighter out to me here in Korea. Got it today and I've been noisily flicking it open and shut in staff meetings. If you've been second guessing about getting one, don't. It's a nice prop replica and hey, even if you don't smoke, it has its uses.
: Halloween is right around the corner again and our command is having a costume ball to celebrate this most ancient of Celtic nights. I'm going, of course, as Indy. However, the David Morgan whip will not be completed in time to complete the costume. (Not that I would have had the practice anyways to do anything but smack myself in the back of the head with it.) Who else out there is dressing up for a Halloween party this month? -MP

I didn't know that you guys have Halloween all the way in Korea :)
We don't here in Finland... :(
I'd go as Darth Vader :) heheh... which reminds me... I just read that some company has just made an invention related to the lightsabers in Star Wars.... It's not related to Indy, but I think it's quite cool if it's true... Check it out:

"> Hello, my name is Dominick Arena president of graphics company Goatlord
>Productions. My crew and I have found a way to design a WORKING light saber.
>After many hours of researched we found away to cancle out light (laser) to a
>point. To be exact 1.5 meters of light.
>Sound impossible to with draw light. Well it is. But we found a way to
>withdraw it and cancle it out to a point. Light is still given out at the
>point but so dim it looks unconcentrated. And you have a soild 1.5 meters of
>light in a thin (2.5 inch circumfrence) cone.
>Goatlord Productions and a few techs of mine have drawnings and info I would
>like to show Lucas himself. This project of light is being copyrighted to my
>company but I would like to have Lucas in on this so it could be a LucasFilms
>Ltd production."

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