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Posted by sas from attwwp.aut.alcatel.at on October 09, 1998 at 07:20:56:

In Reply to: Re: WIDESCREEN! WHERE?! posted by Stormcrow on October 08, 1998 at 21:58:00:

: : G'day everyone.
: : I was just reading back on an old message (actually it was a bunch of follow-ups on Mithrandir's secret) and it appeared to me that for some reason that the Indy trilogy cannot be found in widescreen. I find this unusual as they sell them here at home.
: : How available are the widescreen movies in other parts of the world?
: : Rob (Aust.)
: : ---

: What's "Aust."? I know it's either Australia or Austria, but either I don't know enough about you or I'm just plain stupid. In any case, as far as Australia is concerned, I read in a previous post that the widescreen Indys in Australia aren't compatible with American VCRs. @$#%^&**^$@@&^&*. How do you like them?

: -Stormcrow-

Hi everyone!

I don't know if Rob is form Australia or Austria but I am from
Austria and I just got phoned by my girlfriend and she told me
great news:
There is a brandnew digital remastered version of the Trilogy
in the store right NOW. She told me that she saw a new Indy
poster about it. She even asked the staff and got a poster for
me!!! Since she told me minutes ago I have not seen the poster
yet but she describes it to me:
- the picture is Indy from the Raiders cover
- first line: original movie format
- title: Indiana Jones
- small text: available in this store
- additional text: digital remastered. complete in new sound
and picture quality.
- copyright text

Of course the whole thing is in german...

I already checked the store where she saw it online. You can
see a pic online:
but beware: the pic far too small. All you can see are three
videos which show together the Raiders poster pic.
If the link does not word directly try
and click "videos" and search for "Indiana Jones"

Well more news tomorrow as soon as I get my fingers on the

sas c|:)

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