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Posted by Mola Ram from on October 09, 1998 at 08:24:07:

In Reply to: Re: WIDESCREEN! WHERE?! posted by Bordok on October 09, 1998 at 01:35:03:

: : : : G'day everyone.

: : : : I was just reading back on an old message (actually it was a bunch of follow-ups on Mithrandir's secret) and it appeared to me that for some reason that the Indy trilogy cannot be found in widescreen. I find this unusual as they sell them here at home.

: : : : How available are the widescreen movies in other parts of the world?

: : : : Rob (Aust.)
: : : : ---

: : : What's "Aust."? I know it's either Australia or Austria, but either I don't know enough about you or I'm just plain stupid. In any case, as far as Australia is concerned, I read in a previous post that the widescreen Indys in Australia aren't compatible with American VCRs. @$#%^&**^$@@&^&*. How do you like them?

: : : -Stormcrow-

: : Didn't answer your question, did I? As far as I know, they're only available widescreen in Australia. But, if you go to http://www.widescreencinema.com/letterbox, it shows widescreen shots of Raiders with the caption that it's letterboxed on video. Guess they're talking about Down Under.
: : -Stormcrow-

: Someone just emailed me that he had found a special collector's edition of the Indy trilogy (widescreen). I'll try to find the message in my mail box...

There was a colletors box set released in the UK
Called The Indiana Jones trilogy. It also had the making of Raiders with it too. And if you
lined up all the sides of the video sleeves within the box...it made out a pretty cheesy picture of Indy giving it some with his whip.

Of course it's PAL, so bad luck you guys in the States. But here in England, it's really easy to buy a VCR with NTSC playback....and don't moan about not having Indy in widescreen!! At least you have the full uncut version of Temple of Doom! In th UK it was cut beyond belief by the censors!!

Anyway, I have one of those box sets, and I know where I can get another one...so if anyone's desperate for Indy in Pal widescreen, and in english, in a nice box set, then e-mail me OK?

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