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Posted by Stephen from on October 11, 1998 at 20:49:40:

In Reply to: Question for Stephen posted by Andrea on October 09, 1998 at 13:14:08:

: Greetings! I had a quick question for you which I hope you won't mind
: answering. I was a research psychology major before I got into film
: and was wondering if you took any scholarly interest in the fandom
: as it relates to Indy. I'm not trying to put any of the contributors
: under the microscope since it is unethical without permission anyhow and
: it creates an awkwardly removed situation. And, I value my privacy
: as much as the next person.

: However, I am interested in people's perceptions and attitudes
: about Indy; the forum is a perfect place for observing this in
: action. I'm not proposing experimental design, but simple, open inquirery into people's attitudes to determine what are some factors
: why people are drawn to the films and Indy. It's more of a brainstorm
: than a legitamate scientific inquirery (I suppose you could call it
: more of Sociology).

Hi Andrea. While not taking a scholarly interest in fandom or in
perceptions of films (even Indy films), I am interested, in a general
sense, of people's thoughts and behavior on many topics including
those mentioned above, but my area of research is in logical reasoning
and problem solving. Let me reassure everone in this forum that I
am not conducting any type of research within this forum. My interest
here is the same as everyone's... I think the IJ films are great and
I love to read and talk about Indy.

If you are interested in conducting some "sociology" regarding the
forum, I would guess most of the contributers here (including myself)
would be happy to share their views on Indy with you. I would find
the results of a survey, for example, very interesting and it would
probably stimulate a good deal of discussion among all of us.


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