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Posted by Toht from on October 15, 1998 at 13:02:12:

I have a bunch of fiction ideas, such as turning the Tomb Raider series into a 1939 & 1943 epic, a search for the scion, then the dagger of Xian. Then, I would also like to create an Indy 4 script, and collect ideas from the earlier drafts of Raiders, pull ideas out of Indy and the Infernal Machine, and create an Indy Adventure to end all Indy adventures.
I would like to see him search for the idol of Arin, a lost civilization which rests in ruins in Athens, Greece, Tibet, and India. Now the idol is similar to the scion. It gives power to the user, but slowly removes the user's life force in order to do the mystical things it does. The idol could destroy all living things. Indy finds the idol in India, and the idol is destroyed after two villains hold onto the idol, and the idol does not know who's commands to obey. The idol is shattered. That is the end of the thing, but Greece and Tibet still have to be explored, such as monastaries in Tibet, similar to Tomb Raider II, and a Greece excavation.
I would like to know who is up for the Tomb Raider into Indy series, or the Indy 4 script.


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