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Posted by INDIANA GJR from on October 15, 1998 at 18:32:19:

In Reply to: temple posted by jeff on October 15, 1998 at 17:33:25:

: It seems that every Indy fan I run into on the web has one thing to say: Last Crusade was the best in the series. I STRONGLY disagree. In fact, I believe that the last movie was entirely too revealing. One of the most appealing points about these films was the fact that you didn't know too much about Indy. That made the other two films, Temple of Doom in particular, very interesting, you didn't know what he would do in any situation to a certain extent. I feel that Lucas has strayed too far from the original formula and it seems that from all the Indy4 scripts floating around, the next film may as well be called Indiana Jones and the Days of Our Lives. Perhaps the only reason people on the web like Crusade best is because most of them weren't even born yet when the other films were released. I HOPE that I am wrong about the upcomming film, but with Harrison nearing his sixties, I think he is becomming far too intellectual in his performances. Give me the two fisted character of old. One last thing, if the enemies put up against Indy are as ancient as the ones in Last Crusade, look for massive delays in filming due to arthritis. Anyone else share my opinions?

I disagree with your opinions on Last Crusade. Your not giving any credit to the third episode. Raiders was the best cause it was the original and had a intense kick ass attitude about it. Temple was a good film because it put Indy in many vulnerable situations as to loosing control over his own self which we havent seen in any of the other movies. Temple was in a world of its own. Last Crusade was a combination of of Raiders with its Nazi slaying theme but Crusade brought in a new aspect of Indy. In order for a charachter to come full circle, he must go through all fases. Raiders contained a Determined Indy, Temple contained a Vulnerable Indy, and Crusade delt with a more wise Indy but still was learning about himself with his father. I cant wait to see what will bring Indy back to the begining so to say. I think we will see a very wise Indy again who will still have that heroin fire thats save the day. This will most likley be the final Indy which will have the most meaning. We are going to see a side of Indy we havent seen , but we are also going to see a Indy we know. I dont mean to ramble on , but i like to make people relize what kind of hard thought goes into a charachter, especially a charachter everyone loves. Take Care,

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