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Posted by Major Paul from on October 16, 1998 at 03:00:48:

In Reply to: Re: Tomb Raider posted by walker on October 15, 1998 at 09:48:53:

: I just don't think Tomb Raider should have a place in Indy fans hearts... What do you think? Does anyone feel the same or do I just need some rest after the long school week?

: Hmmm...maybe a rest wouldn't be so bad. I've always been of a mind that Indy fans are adventure nuts who will get the goods where they can - especially given that Indy-related entertainment is parceled out in such small, infrequent doses. Granted, the Tomb Raider mania can get a little overdone, but I'm grateful for the games if only to sample a little adventure that comes close to the Indy spirit.

: Besides, quite honestly, Indy and the Infernal Machine is only coming about in the format that it is because of the success of Tomb Raider, so those folks probably deserve a mention of thanks. Think about it - you love the style of the Indy films and the man himself, but you don't have the rights to the character. What are you gonna do but make your own? After all, you could argue that Indy is derivative of Allan Quartermain or Professor Challenger, classic characters that have been around since the early years of this century.
: Have a good one.
: walker

: Walker makes a good point about the "adventure spirit". Another thing to remember is the sheer impact of "Tomb Raider's" success. If LuscasArts was really interested in the Indy character, why weren't they the first to produce a "Tomb Raider" style game starring Indy? I give credit where credit is due. Lara Croft stood up to the plate and took her swing. If it hadn't been for the success of "Tomb Raider", LucasArts would still be pumping out Jedi games. We wouldn't be relishing the expected release of "Indy Jones and the Infernal Racket" (uh, "Machine"). So, thanks Lara for forcing LucasArts to take a breather from playing with their lightsabres. -MP

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