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Posted by Webley from on October 16, 1998 at 12:30:01:

In Reply to: Tomb Raider posted by Bordok on October 15, 1998 at 09:12:37:

: Why does it always come to Tomb Raider when people are talking about Indiana Jones? I hate that game... it's just an Indy rip off (Indy with big boops). I understand that it sells pretty well as mass market entertainment, but I don't understand why people have to talk about it every time they talk about Indy and the Infernal Machine...
: A while ago someone posted about some Indy book on this forum and he suggested that the name could be "Tomb Raiders" because he was thinking aobut Tomb Raider at the time...
: I also just visited to check out the latest news and what did I find? "OGR has posted new Tomb Raider 3 screenshots"
: I just don't think Tomb Raider should have a place in Indy fans hearts... What do you think? Does anyone feel the same or do I just need some rest after the long school week?

I realy like Tomb Raider. I think that it's because I needed to play a new Indy game at the time it came out and didn't find it and that game had some similar things. But now that the Infernal Machine is comming, (February 99 if nothing goes wrong) I hope that LucasArts will start to make more Indy games because I hate that there are so manny Star Wars games and just 4 Indy games for now. That must change!
BTW: I'm also a Star Wars fan but don't like the SWgames that mutch.

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