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Posted by Bordok from on October 16, 1998 at 13:35:32:

In Reply to: Things I've Wondered... posted by Gobler on October 16, 1998 at 12:20:57:

: In Raiders of the Lost Ark, during the truck chase, the German soldiers try to stop Indy by climbing on the sides and climbing in. First of all, what's wrong with climbing on the roof (like the sergeant does)? Secondly, why are they doing this? Why don't they just stay in the truck? Indy will have to stop sometime and get the Ark. Then, they can shoot Indy.

: *How do the kids in Temple of Doom get out of the temple without going through the spike death trap or the bug room?
: *Why do the Nazis in Raiders place the fake basket in a truck full of dynamite? (Answer: To make a big boom-boom!)
: *Why does the German Commander in Raiders appear to have an English accent for the most part? And really, would a die-hard Nazi really participate in any Hebrew ritual no matter what Belloq said?
: *And finally, is it just me or does Last Crusade contain several James Bond references? 1: The Rats. In "From Russia With Love", rats pop up in an underground tunnel. 2: The Airplane Scene. Bears a small resemblance to the helicopter scene in the same Bond movie. 3: The Motorcycle Scene. Feels like the motorcycle scene in "Diamonds Are Forever".

Those are some good questions :) I just watched the Star Wars Trilogy and found lots of weird errors :) The one thing I wondered the most was:
When Luke first meets Yoda he's healthy and in a good condition. Then he leaves and about 6 months pass or so... then he pays him another visit and then Yoda is a LOT older and he says he's 500 years old. That means that the first time Luke met him he was about 499.5 years old and he was doing ok and didn't look that old either. How did he get that old so damn fast! ?

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