Mack, Toht, and Walker, what the hell is up with this?

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Posted by Mithrandir from on October 16, 1998 at 17:11:55:

This whole thing is piece of crap. As for me, this is the first time I've heard of a Forum Novel Writers or whatever club. Sounds like a good idea. By the same token, it's a place to exercise one's freedom of creativity and not a place to harshly criticize each other. I didn't join the forum because it was a place to debate. True, there are some, but those are over Indy issues and based on (Indy) fact, with little personal emotion or ferocity in them. I've stopped a good many quarrels in my time and even stopped two friends from committing suicide, which is not pleasant. I will not burden myself with the task of taming you three. If you want to argue and bicker, do it over the phone or e-mail each other, but don't do it at the forum. No one wants to see two people fight and if people start choosing sides, we're gonna have one hell of a mess. So take it somewhere else, or better yet, respect what the others have to say, ignore/tolerate/appreciate it and get on with your lives. This forum is too good of a thing to waste on a domestic squabble. If I may venture an opinion, all of you are competent, able-bodied and -minded people who took a silly problem too far. Do you even remember what initiated the conflict? All people are created equal and unique, which is what makes us special. No two people have the same exact train of thought, which is wonderful; we're not 5 billion robots. If you must criticize, then don't include your methods of improvement. The best way to do that is write your own novel. Just read it, rate it, give a few opinions, end of discussion. It should be an unbiased review with no comparisons (except favorable ones) and not a continuation of a feud. I don't want to drag the rest of the Indy fans in, but why don't you each write your own novel (with no spilling of blood by any parties) and let us, your peers and outsiders, critique the stories? I am unbiased and would make a fair assessment of each. Then let it stop there.

I don't care who's better. Just let it continue elsewhere/ stop altogether (preferrably). After an unforeseen absence of almost three weeks, I come back to find hate mail and brick throwing with no holds barred. This has got to stop. I don't care if this is all in good fun or if you're really after each other; I could care less. But the forum here was not created for petty arguements.


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