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Posted by Gobler from x2kcip12.wmis.net on October 17, 1998 at 10:07:42:

A List of Favorite Indy Stuff


*The entire opening sequence of Raiders--the original drafts don't do it justice. I love that shot of Indy just after he disarms Barranca. The spider scene, the trade-off, the big boulder, and the wonderful shots of Indy being chased by the Hovitos come off great.
*"Besides, you know what a cautious fellow I am."
*"Shoot them. Shoot them both."--and that shadowplay!
*The atmospheric scenes in Cairo. Especially Indy in the bar with Belloq, and the Nazis on the balcony. "Mach schnell! Schnell!" That swordsman/gun never ceases to amuse me.
*That quick little joke with Toht and his weapon/coat-hanger. It left me on the floor the first time.
*"A toast to our success in the desert." "When we are very far from here."
*The big bald Nazi motioning for Indy to come down, and Indy wearily motions "Wait your turn." That fight is also extremely intense--Indy biting the guy's arm; the final bloody fistfight.
*"Truck? What truck" That montage is great. Especially that gunner with his little goggles.
*LOVE the truck chase. It beats the tank chase in Crusade any day. Let's see here...especially, the driver and Indy stop fighting to carefully drive the truck, "Ahh, scheisser!" when the jeep crashes through the trees, the intensity of the last fights when Indy is shot. You can really see how ticked off he is!
*"Jones! JONES!" and "You're gonna give mercenaries a bad name!"
*The Ark scene is nice, but a bit dated. Still, Dietrich and Toht's melting always looks great.

*"Anything Goes" is a fun musical. The fight in the club and the car chase are good. I love that gruesome scene in which Indy impales Lao's son. And "Do it! I get another!" is a good quote.
*"You call him Dr. Jones, doll!"
*The rafting escapade. "We're surrounded by living things!" The gross-out dinner. Chatter Lal's snide come-backs to Indy's
*Once Indy strangles the guy with his whip, the film rolls. The spike trap, a good performance by Mola Ram, the rather chilling blood swallowing.
*ACTION! Yep, the last half is pure action. And rather good. I like the rock crusher fight, the mine-car chase, and the bridge. I love that little joke with Indy trying to do a reprise of the swordsman/gun scene. And "Well, it's about time!"

*The opening is pure hijinx/fun. The whistling, the music, the rhino! And the fedora! They all make it seem like it's just an average day for "the Jones boy".
*"Small world, Dr. Jones!" "Too small for two of us!"
*"Your treat." "Yes. My treat." Sounds like Marcus ate some of that magic blood.
*And Julian Glover is good at anything.
*The motorboat chase, that nifty '30s music on the gramophone.
*"If you are a Scottish lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!" "Don't call me Junior!"
*That nifty Nazi music. DE DA DA DADA DA DA DA DA DUM. DA DA DUM. Colonel Vogel! "Dad! What? Dad! What? Dad!" "The floor's on fire! And the chair!" "Germany has declared war on the Jones boys!" "This is how we say goodbye in Germany!"
*The German motorcycle police! Their goggles!
*The nifty rally music. Hitler! The little throwaway newspaper jokes. "No ticket!"
*The expression of the pilot as he notices his plane is on fire. The tank! "I'd rather spit in your face!"
*The tank chase is neat. Vogel looks darn sadisitic as he chokes Indy. Where does he get the shovel though? Indy looks darn angry as he plays bouncy-bouncy with Vogel's head.
*"Another volunteer!" "He chose poorly." "You are named after the dog?"



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