Giant Alligator?

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Posted by nitzsche from on October 17, 1998 at 11:24:58:

In Reply to: Re: What should the tone of Indy IV be? posted by Mack on October 17, 1998 at 10:50:51:

: : Should it be like Raiders, adventurous, supenseful, thrilling; Temple of Doom, dark, scary, freedom-fighter; Last Crusade, humorous, colorful, (only a few seconds of the Indy march music), fun actioner, or should it have a tone all it's own.

: : BTW, I realize that some of you might not agree with the adjectives I used. I was just trying to individualize each movie.

: : -Mithrandir-

: I think it should have more action and they should make the action weird and humerous. Ex: Indy has to fight a giant alligator and slams him face first into a wall. He wins the fight of course, but afterwards he is so beat up he can barely talk. Stuff like that. A somewhat darker tone (not as dark as ToD) could help to.

a what? is this something you've really dwelled upon? give more details. i'm interested in this. you're right that it would be weird; the humor part...laughing WITH the movie, or AT the movie?


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