Indy and Zorro - aren`t they similar?

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Posted by John Jones Stork from on October 18, 1998 at 17:31:04:

Does anybody watched "The Mask of Zorro"? I did. I think it`s nice movie, with great sword fighting scenes, very good whip cracking by Sir Anthony Hopkins and very cool explosion in final scene, maded by Amblin (cool). I could tell that story was not so good as I want to see but it`s not a point.
I think that Zorro is a one of more important heroes that create Indy. You know... whip, fight abilities,some kind of invunerability, and all this things. What do you guys think about my point and about the movie.
Second thing is about quotation from young Indy scene from LC ( scene with horse responding for whistling, any one of you will recognise it ). As I posted week ago i hate quotations in bad movies but this wos a quotation I like. Made by Spilberg company in movie about such similar hero.
Wow! I didn`t notice that I wrote so much! OK, at the end one question:
What do you guys think, did Sir Anthony make a candle trick himself or it was special effect? I think he did. I did it two days ago with very ugly whip and no teacher, so he with good whip and good teacher ( David Morgan`s whip but I dont know a teacher, if somebody knows let me know ).
OK that`s all for now...

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