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Posted by graml from on October 19, 1998 at 09:55:12:

In Reply to: Re: Am I just a nit-picking goober? No, not at all.... posted by Michaelson on October 19, 1998 at 09:35:34:

: : : I don't want to sound like I am splitting hairs or anything, but in
: : : "Raiders" I've noticed something that kind of irks me in the
: : : continuity department. When Marcus goes to Indy's house to tell him
: : : that the Army wants him to go after the Ark, Indy is seen packing
: : : a revolver in his suitcase. But when Indy gets into a fight with
: : : those goons in Marion's bar, he's using an automatic. I'm sure there
: : : must be a logical explanation for this. And I suspect that it has
: : : something to do with me being a nit-picking goober.

: : I don't know if your a goober or not but I suspect it was one of two things. Either Indy carries two different guns or it was just a mistake by the prop department. Just don't talk about clips or Michaelson will have a COW!!

: MOOO!! And as to the gun switch, this has been discussed before, but the gun battle starts with his revolver, but after he backs into the corner after the first volley, you see him turn and holster his revolver. When he comes back out to fire, he then has the Colt .45. The Colt is seen again on the ship when the engines had stopped. We see him rack a round into the chamber, so yes, he did indeed have a second weapon somewhere on him. Probably in his satchel. And no, you're NOT a nit-picking goober. You're very observant. Watch that sequence in the fight and you'll see the switch. As to me having a cow, not hardly. I was just giving you the correct information regarding the guns, which have been my hobby and side interests. I do not list theory regarding these. I thought you'd like to maybe learn something. I guess not by the remark. Regards. Michaelson

Whew! Thanks for clearing that up.

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