How 'bout IRC? It would be easy to use

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Posted by Bordok from on October 19, 1998 at 11:55:56:

In Reply to: Can we arrange a time for an on-line chat?? posted by Mola Ram on October 19, 1998 at 07:56:38:

: I would love to chat on-line with some of you....especially
: regulars of old like Michaelson and Walker....
: so how about we arrange some web-chat site
: and try and meet there some time this week?
: I live in the time-difference might be a problem..I know
: but can we at least give it a try?

: If all goes well then perhaps we can try and make it a weekly thing.

: The time difference for the UK is that we are 8 hours ahead of the if I say 7:00 or 8:00 pm english time....means that most of you would have to try and be there for 11:00 or 12:00 midday.

: I know it would be easier for most of you to do it in the that means...sob! sob!.....I won't be able to join you...but maybe some kind person could tell me what went on....

: Anyway....I suggest Maybe this week or preferably next week.
: At an agreed time and agreed an agreed room.

: The easiest one I know is Hotel

: Better still about the Lethal Weapon chat site...
: at ONE'S EVER THERE!!! Pefect!!...(although I wish there was) *doo doo doo dooooo!! Doo doo doo doooo!*
: "We're back, we're bad..." etc.

: Anyway....I always seem to be the one who comes up with hair-brained schemes!! Remember the forum novel??? Looks like I spawned all those arguments huh? hehehehe!!

:'s hopin' there lies an interest!!! I'm sure it couldn't be too much trouble!!

I think the chat is a great idea...
How many of you people use IRC (internet relay chat)? It's the best way to chat... There's a program called mIRC that you could use... It's available at
Soon I'm gonna get an online chat that will use IRC. It can be accessed with a chat program and with mIRC.
Michaelson: Here's a suggestion for you.... We could create an Indy chat together, and we could put it on an IRC server. Then the only thing we would need to do is setup the meetings. It would be the 'official unofficial' Indy chat and then Indy fans wouldn't need to use any other chats (eg. the Lethal Weapon website chat).

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