Maybe it won't be an artifact...what about Nessie?

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Posted by Stormcrow from on October 19, 1998 at 20:55:48:

Maybe instead of Indy searching for an artifact, he could search for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster (I don't think "monster" gives the legend justice). Well, it's ancient, sought-after, mythical...I guess it's a living artifact. But it would also apply to Indy's ethics. If I'm right, if there were people who'd want to exploit/chop up/ otherwise abuse Nessie, I'm sure Indy'd do everything in his power to stop them. Maybe I'm not stating my drift directly, but I hope you get my meaning. Personally, if Nessie or Bigfoot or the Yeti or extraterrestrials or any other purported beings were proven to exist, I'd say,"OK, we found the things. Let's leave it the hell alone because every other species of living thing has been screwed up by humanity." To go even further, I'd say that all humanity, even from three million years ago, sucks and we should all die a fiery death right now. What've we got to lose?

Sorry about that. Just a belief I have.

Anyway, I think Indy could relate to the preservation and isolation of Nessie.


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