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Posted by Michaelson from on October 20, 1998 at 07:42:38:

In Reply to: Re: Where, in LC, does Indy get the bullets from? Plenty to time to reload.... posted by Stephen on October 19, 1998 at 18:50:13:

: : : : In the airplane/car sequence, we discover that Indy is sans ammunition. But during the tank sequence, he fires off a complete clip. Did he buy some bullets in Alexandretta (sorry, can't spell Iskend...)? Otherwise, it's a continity error.

: : : I think that he had bullets, however at the time (the Nazi in the plane diving at them) he didn't have time to load the pistol. By the way, revolvers don't use "clips".

: : Uh, correction, revolvers do indeed have clips. Half moon clips are the hardward that hold rimless .45's in the modified revolvers, such as the Webley, Colt New Service, and the Smith and Wesson Triple Lock/1917 .45 N frames. It's semi-automatics such as Colt .45 1911A1's that Indy produces in Raiders that do not have clips. These handle magazines. These have incorrectly been referred to a "clips" for years, and are not. A "clip" clips bullets together for a clean drop into a revolver. Just as an aside to the original question, also remember that Indy wasn't wearing his Mark VII pouch in the airplane chase scene, but was in the tank scene. The reloads could have been in the satchel, and he would theorically have had time for the reload between those two scenes. Regards. Michaelson

: Thanks for the distinction between "clips" and "magazines." I didn't
: know the difference and have used the terms interchangeably (until
: now).

: Regards,
: Stephen

Glad to assist. I used to work around a armourer at a law enforcement academy years ago that would absolutely go balistic when someone used those terms in the wrong context. Believe me, I never forgot THAT lesson. Regards. Michaelson

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