Re: PG or not PG? That is the qusetion.

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Posted by ~The Raider~ from on October 21, 1998 at 05:33:41:

In Reply to: Re: PG or PG-13? But not R. posted by Rob Davies on October 20, 1998 at 22:46:48:

: In Australia we have a slightly different rating system:

: G - General Exhibition.
: PG - Parental Guidence Recommended.
: M - Mature Audience (PG under 15 yo).
: MA - Restricted to 15 yo and over.
: R - Restricted to 18 yo and over.

We have changed the rating system in Canada as well, instead of PG-13 and R, we have 14A and 18A. Makes more sense to me, and alot of movies rated R in the States have been rated 14A here in Canada. I mean, admit it: how many 14-year-olds DON'T watch R movies? Still, we all try and compare them here, being as most of our videos have both the American and Canadian ratings on them
Just a tidbit for those interested.

~The Raider
: So far, the Indy movies have all been just PG. (Sorry about the "ratings sermon", but I thought there might be some people out there who wanted to learn something new).

: Rob (Australia).
: ---

: : I don't think anyone wants to see Indy IV with an R rating. R denotes language, sex, and extreme violence, the first two of which are hardly seen in the Indy movies. Although nowadays we can have two "f***"s in a movie and still rank a PG-13. Anyway, if they keep the violence to the other movies' levels, where we just see punches and (cool!) stunts and more punches, minimal blood, a few gunshots, they'll be OK. Language doesn't need to go past "godd***" or even "s***". No sex; hints, OK, but no barechested ladies or stuff. In fact, if they can deliver a kick-ass PG movie, that equals/outdoes (can it be outdone?) Raiders, they'll have accomplished something rare. Realistically, it'll probably be PG-13.

: : What do you guys/gals think?

: : -The Grey Wanderer

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