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Posted by Eric Sansoni from on January 13, 1998 at 19:10:24:

In Reply to: Re: What's wrong with LucasArts? posted by Swordmaster on January 09, 1998 at 11:09:29:

I can't understand why they don't do a new Indy game. They're doing so many Star Wars games. Sure it's more popular than Indy, but there are few other franchises besides Star Wars as popular! Quite simply it's a world-famous brand name, more than Monkey Island, or any of the new, but also good games from LucasArts. There'd be no trouble marketing it at all. Besides, why let the franchise languish like this? Since they own the rights isn't it in their best interest to keep the Indy name out there in some form, to keep that name in the public eye so Indy merchandise and spin-offs will always be popular?

As for an action-style Dark Forces game, I'm all for it! Are you guys forgetting the arcade Temple of Doom? By one of the coolest arcade action games had clear goals, a variety of rooms and level styles, increased difficulty settings, nicely randomized villains, cool weapons. An Indy 1st-person that stuck to his normal weapons (gun, whip, knife, sword, maybe a bazooka) fighting a bunch of Nazis or a cult of Thuggees could just be awesome. Imagine being trapped in the Temple mines and trying to find his way out...or the Venice catacombs...the streets of Cairo. Indy is great for action OR adventure. Again it's a franchise Lucasarts owns and can use for free. I can't see why they are slow to develop more Indy games besides them having blinders on to his popularity as a concept and character. If it was another company that owned Star Wars they'd probably really be pushing him hard since he'd all of a sudden be the next biggest obvious cash cow...but they should do both.

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