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Posted by sas from on October 30, 1998 at 07:48:24:

Has anyone checked out the IMDb's Indy entries lately?
The "user comment" section is nice but comments like
"annoying comedy" or "disappointing" are not what I
expect from a comment about an Indy movie...


Temple of Doom:
User Comments:

Date: 6 September 1998
Summary: Good but nothing great

The second Indiana Jones, is definitely the worst of the trilogy.
The Temple of Doom has some great set designs, and some nice
special effects.' Raiders' had scene after scene of great
action and this one dissapoints in that area. For the first half
of the film it's some what of an annoying comedy, and the second
half has some good action but nothing special. Harrison Ford is
good, but this is not one of his better roles. Overall, an ok
film, but disappointing.

* * 1/2

Last Crusade:
User Comments:

Date: 5 September 1998
Summary: The best Indy.

Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones! This time Sean Connery
joins the mix , and adds some variety. The Temple of Doom was
quite disappointing and this Indy is much better, starting off
with a great chase along a circus train with a younger Indiana
Jones, and keeps on satisfying with a wild boat chase, and
numerous other action scenes. I highly recommend this.

* * * *

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