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Posted by Reiger from on October 30, 1998 at 22:25:40:

By now everyone read Jeff's attack upon Michaelson, others' venom towards Jeff, and Michaelson's unfortunate decision to limit his contributions to the forum. We are in danger of losing the most valuable contributor to the forum.

Jeff, you wrote: "Besides last time I checked the internet was a place where all veiws (sic), negative or positive, could be express (sic) without consequences." Son, your statement is obviously wrong; all actions have consequences. After reading Michaelson's last post can you now see the consequences of your statements?

The purpose of this forum is for anyone interested in the world of Indiana Jones to contribute to discussion about all things pertaining to the world of Indiana Jones. That's IT. Postings about anything else are inappropriate and off-topic. People who continually submit off-topic posts should not be tolerated. People who use the forum to attack others should be banned from the forum. Micah discussed doing exactly this early on in the forum to combat malicious posts.

Jeff, you should pray to God that you find at least one thing, one hobby - that you enjoy HALF as much as Michaelson enjoys the Indy saga - to give you some joy, something you feel you can share with others with enthusiasm and passion, something to pass the time.

And, son, if you ever want to grow up to be any kind of a man, you will post a full apology to Michaelson. It's plain and simple: You broke it; you fix it.

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