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Posted by nitzsche from on October 30, 1998 at 22:55:36:

In Reply to: Would-be Indy fans posted by Jeff on October 30, 1998 at 17:14:29:

: I think you have hit on one of the key points in the series, it is all about the character, not about how he shoots his revolver 8 times and you only see him load once. People (including some of us die-hard fans) get to knit-picky about details. Try to look beyond the flaws, and remember the feeling you had in your gut the first time you saw Indy. My favorite moments are:
: 1. When Indy is just about to be crushed on the conveyor belt and at the last moment he regains conscience and really lets that Thuggee have it in TOD.
: 2. After Indy is dragged behind the truck and climbs back into the cab; the look in his eyes of pure rage as he sends the Capt. to face the same fate.
: 3. In Crusade, when the bullet kills the driver of the tank and Indy narrowly escapes being smashed into the wall, the same look when he climbs back up to nail Vogel.
: These scenes, no matter how many time I see them, always raise the hair on my neck and give me goosebumps. That is what I like about these movies, the feeling I get...Not finding out who makes his shoe-laces or what kind of robe did he have on in the Venice Apt. and so on...
: Groo Slices and Dices Regards,
: Jeff

Hmm, I think you missed the point, but OK.
Not sure I understand your motives in this forum, but I can't forget you were rude to a very nice gentlemen from this forum. It's especially illogical that you would insult one who was doing you a favor and answering an Indy-related question. If you don't like the answer, don't ask the question.


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