Re: Jeff, Michaelson, John "Jones" Stork, and anyone else caught up in this whole mess, just drop the whole issue. Please.

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Posted by nitzsche from on November 01, 1998 at 03:07:31:

In Reply to: Jeff, Michaelson, John "Jones" Stork, and anyone else caught up in this whole mess, just drop the whole issue. Please. posted by Mithrandir on October 31, 1998 at 20:21:32:

: For anyone who remembers, I had to quell an arguement between Mack, Toht, and Walker about Indy novels a month or so ago. I do not wish to do so again to another arguement. Especially when it concerns at least the afore-mentioned people and others. Jeff was a big help to a person who was locked out another forum. He provided updates, help, and useful advice to him/her. Everyone here regards (no pun intended) Michaelson as one of the foremost people here at the Forum as far as information and sensitivity are concerned. John "Jones" Stork is one of the people whom I most enjoy reading. To the three above, and to others concerned, I have no grudges against any of you. I do not want foes here, but rather friends, a family. Now I am not here to accuse anybody of anything. The facts are: Person #1 about someone about Person #2, people defended Person #2, Person #1 defended himself, and in the midst a fight (rivalry?) incited that has preoccupied the Forum too much and too long. This is not the Name-calling Forum or the Vengeance Forum or whatever. This is the Indyfan Forum. We are here to discuss Indy, not dawdle in domestic issues. I certainly am not here to be Sheriff, although it appears I have had to do that twice recently, and many more times in my social life. Now, I am not going to say, "Quit, or I'll leave too." Not at all. What I am saying is that the community, if I may, here does not need to be infiltrated by a squabble. Go to a different forum or chat or e-mail each other hate mail for all I care. But for the sanctity of the Forum, your friends and colleagues, do not disturb the peace.

: I will make a recommendation. No one has to follow, but I think this is a thing that all sides in this absurd episode can agree to.

: -Firstly, Jeff, publicly (by post here) make a sincere apology to Michaelson and those who have defended him.

: -Secondly, Michaelson and those on his behalf, either respectfully accept or respectfully decline Jeff's apology and offer their own apology to Jeff, also by post(s) here.

: -Thirdly, to all parties here at the Forum including those not related to the incidents, if the first two things happen, the situation will be compromised. Let the issue drop from this place and be forgotten. No grudges, no prejudices, just handshakes and hugs.

: Mr. Jeff, Mr. Michaelson, Mr. Stork, and fellow Indy fans, we don't need to lose our friendships over harsh words. Please let it end. In the words of Harper Lee, let the dead bury the dead.

: Check six.

: -Mithrandir-

: P.S. Happy Halloween, Indy fans.

You're too late. The hatchet was buried and you just dug it up.
Dropping it means not trying to be the definitive voice.

Thanks, though.


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