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Posted by Michaelson from on November 04, 1998 at 10:57:52:

In Reply to: Re: Indy vs. Bond: No Arguement... posted by ~The Raider~ on November 04, 1998 at 05:38:32:

: : : I couldn't help but notice earlier we would all get into fights about which series is better, and draw up comparisons. Don't get me wrong: I love the Bond movies too (except "Tomorrow Never Dies", but that's another story), but Indy will always be my first. So, in the spirit of the forum, I have taken it upon myself to create the top 10 list of why Indy is better than Bond.

: : : 10 - Let's go to the reviewer Leonard Maltin. Top Rating for Bond, ***.5 . Top for Indy, **** .
: : : 9 - A whip is not likely to blow up in your face if you use it wrong.
: : : 8 - Comic relief for Bond: Either he has a contrived one-liner, or Q makes some invention and he makes a funny pun. For Indy, we have Sallah in two movies, a swordmaster, two priests, Marcus in LC, Indy's father, and very witty and original realistic lines from the man himself.
: : : 7 - A Webley .455 is more powerful than a 7.62mm service pistol, and looks more heroic.
: : : 6 - In Indy, the best special effects are original and portray the powers of the gods. In Bond, they are cribbed from stock shots, and portray the powers of people who think they're God.
: : : 5 - Which is more practical; a well pressed tuxedo with enough starch to hammer a nail in, or a weathered, warm, comfortable leather jacket and military issue style khakis?
: : : 4 - Bond gets lucky at least twice a film. Indy gets one girl, and sticks with her.
: : : 3 - Bond has been galavanting around with women half his age since being experienced, back in '62. Indy at least ages in his films, and slows down accordingly.
: : : 2 - Bond never gets drunk or shot. How realistic is that?
: : : 1- Bond is the stiffass Brit who MUST have his martinis prepared in the most irritating and impractical way. Indy only once ever asked for whiskey on screen, and that was to break the bottle over a henchman's head.
: : : BONUS REASON - Lucas said it himself when he pitched the idea to Spielberg: "This is better than James Bond!"

: : : I hope this offends no one (@$#% political correctness; have to apologize in advance now!), but be reminded these are MY views, and any comments would be greatly apprecieated. I love feedback. I get to know who's right and who's wrong!
: : : That was a joke c|;)

: : : ~The Raider

: : No arguments from me! I like 'em both but Indy always comes out on top (sorry Dad). One thing though, "a 7.62mm service pistol"? I think you mis-typed that. That's a BIG round, same one used in the M-60 machinegun. I forget what Bond's Walther PPK uses but it's smaller than Indy's handcannon. -MP

: Are you sure you have the right caliber there? I have a 9mm, and I know that it isn't as powerful as a .41, let alone a .455. According to the books I have on the subjectm the PPK takes a 7.62 and a 9mm caliber, and it is even stated in "Dr. No" when Bond is issued it.

: ~The Raider

Hummm, I beat Max to this one. The 7.62 is correct, was also usually referred to as the "short 9mm", or tranlated, the .380 round currently in vogue. 7.62 is the diameter of the bullet, not the length, such as the 7.62 x 39 or 7.62 x 54R, which are indeed very long and large rounds. The 7.62 Walther is the .380 cal. Regards. Michaelson

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