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Posted by Adam from on January 20, 1998 at 20:37:39:

Hey everyone --

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here. This last summer through the fall was quite an adventure on this site, being that I posted some trivia contests on the INDY trilogy.

The response was overwhelming. Many of you were able to answer questions that I NEVER thought possible. Your humble web host, Micah Johnson himself, swept away the last contest by winning a holy grail replica -- generously donated by Indiana Magnoli. (Hey Indy -- where's the Grail you promised ME? *snif!*)

Anyway, these last three months have been very busy for me. But now I think I'm ready to whip up (pardon the pun) a whole new challenge...

And so, coming in late February, there will be a whole NEW trivia contest. It will be the culmination of all the previous trivia posts (with a few corrections/alterations for more specific answers, rather than some ambiguous ones) as well as some NEW questions.

But here is the rub... Adam ain't too keen on giving away his cherished Indy memorabilia. He lost a lot of little stuff last time (having underestimated his opponents -- how foolish Adam was, indeed), and doesn't plan on losing again.

So there will only be one prize, for the one who answers ALL questions correctly. No second-place, honorary award "minor prizes" "award-ranking score". Just one prize to the one who can beat everything I dish out. EVERYTHING.

Because of this, I will base questions on the INDY films, any official published material (with merit -- biographies, "making of" books, novels, ect...), and the like... Everything is out there in public domain. Also, I will try to have questions with more concrete answers (a problem that affected the earlier contests).

But what can I do to pursuade all of you to embark on this? It's tough, hard work.... What could I possibly offer as a prize that would be worthy of your attention? Hmm?

I'm thinking...pondering...

An ultra-rare SPANISH RAIDERS poster? Yeah, I'd be able to live without it...even if I'd curse your name for all eternity...


The thought of the ultra-rare Marion action figure comes to mind -- NO! -- that's TOO rare! That's the HALLMARK OF MY INDY COLLECTION! I'd never risk that!

Would I?


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