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Posted by Jeff from on November 06, 1998 at 21:43:40:

I was wondering how long it would take before someone asked about that. Groo is as "The Raider" so aptly put it a comic character created by Mark Eavener(who also made Garfield or some other unknown) and Sergio Aregones(sometimes known for MAD or something like that before Groo) after an evening of devouring a bowl of cheese dip and having very poor dreams. Groo was in some peoples minds a brainless, slashing, stinking, Rufferto having, Grooella hating, orange shirt wearing, bumbling, wandering, destroying, barrel chested, heroic, despised, unappreciated mass of two fists full of katanas. His feats are the stuff of legend and horror. All in his time both knew and feared his name. This was the man, the undefeated GROO THE WANDERER. Ever since his first appearance in Destroyer Duck(another obscure comic) I have gotten so much joy and belly laughs from his mistake-ridden existence. I followed his trail through many publishers. If you are unfamiliar with Groo, I tell you you are missing some of the most creative drawn-out comedy in the world. And there is usually a lesson to be learned in each issue. The expressions of the supporting characters is alone worth the price of the magazine.
Finally the poster formerly known as Jeff Regards,

PS JeffW can have his name back now, thanks for the loan dude:-)

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