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Posted by Fedora from on November 09, 1998 at 12:44:23:

In Reply to: Re: Raiders unrealism posted by gary on November 08, 1998 at 12:07:08:

: :
: : : : In raiders, when the nazis recover the ark from indys ship to take it
: : : : to the island to be opened, it shows indy climb on to the sub. Now
: : : : unless the sub stayed above water ,which I doubt since it would move more slowly, or indy has gills how the heck could he reach the island
: : : : alive. Also, when all the fascists died at the end, how did indy and
: : : : Marion get back to the states. Does indy also know how to navigate a
: : : : submarine?

: : : The scene with the sub was filmed then cut from the final print. Indy was able to strap himself to the perioscope (with his bullwhip), which never completely submerged under the water. The novelization also describes this scene in detail, as does the Marvel comics adaption. You might want to check these sources out to satisfy your curiosity. Personally, it still seems like a stretch of reality, but, then again, a lot of Indy's adventures defy logic.

: : : I'm glad someone else has been trying to figure out how Indy and Marion got off the Nazi base. My brother's theory is that Indy may have found a way to radio Katanga's ship, and they came back to rescue Indy and Marion. A similiar theory has Indy contacting Army intelligence and having the feds come to the rescue. At any rate, you're guess is as good as mine, since this is just one of those plotholes that seem to slip through the cracks.

: : It always seemed obvious to me that they contacted SOMEONE friendly somehow. They are surrounded by communictations equipment, anyway. I mean, Indy could hail about anybody.

: : ~The Raider

: Its very easy to explain how Indy has such great luck. Indy lives in the universe of the great and powerful God Lucas and the force is strong in Indy and in his decendants. So what seams to be mistackes are actualy the Force at work.
: Just a Thought
: Gary

This part never bothered me at all. Figure that with the huge event of the Ark being opened all the Nazis would gather 'round to watch. After they all get toasted Indy and Marion would have an entire military base to themselves. I'm sure that Indy, being the resourceful guy that he is, could manage to contact _someone_ under those conditions.


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