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Posted by Michaelson from on November 12, 1998 at 10:31:19:

In Reply to: INDY IV: WHAT DO THE FANS WANT? (IMPROMPTU OPINION POLL - JUST FOR FUN) posted by HANNIBAL KING on November 12, 1998 at 09:35:26:

: Hey, how are you all doing?
: Sometimes ardent and rabid fans of a particular character can be the concepts worst enemy. They can, and I'm not laying any accusations here, become too possessive and clinging to that character. Witness the anger and bile spouted when Michael Keaton was chosen to be Batman in the 1989 movie - yet this celluloid image became the accepted one of the Dark Knight for a long time. Here in the UK some Dr WHO fans live in the past and constantly produce fan fiction littered with continuity references to the past and seem never to be able to see forward. I am an Indy fan. Probably as rabid a fan as most of you. I shiver with anticipation everytime I hear news about INDY IV. More so than I do about Star Wars 1, Bond 19, Batman 5 etc. I have some ideas of what I would and would not like to see in INDY IV, and I'd like to share them with you. If you have the inclination or the time please respond with your want lists.


: 1st - The NECROMONICON (or some Lovecraftian relic). Indy against the real horror of the OLD GODS.
: 2nd - THE SPEAR OF LONGINUS. Another biblical relic, done in the comic book. . . but not very well.
: 3rd - EL DORADO. A South American slant. Totally different to anything apart from the teaser for Raiders.


: UFO'S (We have the X-Files for this. Indy isn't MULDER). ATLANTIS, THE GARDEN OF EDEN, NOAH'S ARK (just heard so much about them)


: 1st - Why not give Indy a fiance that doesn't really know anything about his past, who is inadvertantly drawn into the action. A real classy society dame (Rene Russo, Sherilyn Fenn or Madeliene Stowe)
: 2nd - A Grad student wannabe - a female heavily inspired by Indy's past who drags him into the action (Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore)
: 3rd - A Shady lady. Not like Elsa, but potentially an honourable cat burglar drawn into the adventure by the villains. (Michelle Pfieffer, Uma Thurma, Sharon Stone) - these actresses are just suggestions of type rather than concrete ideas. A newcomer would always be better.

: I don't want to see Marion or Willie back because it's been done.


: Anybody but the Nazi's, or an evil long lost brother because that idea is so corny you could can it)

: 1st - An occult organisation lead by an aristocratic villain (Christopher Lee)
: 2nd - The Red Chinese or Russians (but not done politically, just as evil comic book style protagonists).
: 3rd - A ruthless millionaire antiquites collector (slightly like Walter Donovan in concept, but played more like Lex Luthor).


: Surely Indy must have other contacts rather than Sallah? I love John Rhys Davies, but why not bring in an older Remy? We've had the very succesful father and son schtick, so there's not much point in doing it again (and that means not with Indy as a father, uncle or whatever either) - we're talking Indy . . . not Laurel and Hardy. And if we must have returning characters, then let's keep them consistent with previous adventures. Marcus Brody - a scholarly man with a penchant for adventure in Raiders "If I were a few years younger, I'd have gone after it myself!" to a close approximation of Nigel Bruces bumbling Dr. Watson.


: Late '40's or 50's


: Let's try to avoid deserts wherever possible. Jungles and Arctic wastelands (lots of possibilities in the Arctic . . . avalanches, dog sled chases)


: 1st - Full legit recordeings of the soundtracks of TOD and LC.
: 2nd - Some companies renewing the novel and comic book franchise licenses.


: 1st - Dennis Quaid.
: 2nd - Bruce Campbell.

: Those are my thoughts on a whole load of Indy issues, but, I hasten to add that no matter what the film turns out to be, I'll be there front of the queue with the Raiders march playing in my heart.

: Seeya Hannibal

Hannibal, You know, and I hate to admit this, I really haven't given my wants any thoughts as to what Indy IV should be myself. I have found myself agreeing with the writers regarding the fact that we've analysed Indy from cradle to almost grave, and it's time to return to the original reason we all came here, the original story. The character, and his reactions to the realities around him as it was occuring. Not to take any of your things in order, but just to say a couple of things in regards to your "wants".....I TOTALLY agree with your comparison of poor old Marcus and Nigel Bruce's depiction of Watson in the old Sherlock Holmes movies. I think it was amusing, yes I'll admit to chuckling during the third movie, but you're right, they didn't really did the character of Marcus wrong if you compare our introduction to him in Raiders, then to what they made him in Last Crusade. If taken by itself (LC), the characterization worked, but not in conjunction with the other movie. I have no problems regarding the desert location myself. I personally would like to see something take place in the American Southwest and the American Indians. Why not the Anastazi disappearance? And no, none of the UFO rot either. I've mentioned this book before, but the Louis LaMour book "Haunted Mesa" would be an absolutely perfect Indy vehicle, to my thinking. If you haven't read that one, pick up a copy and instead of using the LaMour character's name, substitute Indy instead and see how it flies. Everyone I've handed this book to to read has agreed that it is the "unknown" Indy adventure. The American Indian storyline would work to complete the storyline that begins the YIJC "Mystery of the Blues". What was that all about, pray tell? This could dovetail into that story, and the timeline would be correct, early '50's. I would like to also see other Indy contacts, as you said, other than Sallah. He had to have other acquaintances out there. As in Raiders, I'm sure he met the group that hiked into the tomb by flying with Jock in his seaplane. Who arranged the meet in the jungle? Yes, there does need to be more character development regarding other support folks. We've created a 17 years attachment to our original folks, let's get some new blood in here, and not just folks they kill off at the end of the movie. Tom Selleck is mentioned now and again. I would love to see him as a villian myself. He would be a perfect foil against Ford, as both can and have played extremely "hard" characters in the past, and it would be an excellent match of wits and wills for Indy to contend with. Enough for now. Appreciate the jump start to get the thought processes flowing. As always, these are only my opinions, and are only as current as this writing. Regards. Michaelson

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