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Posted by Rob Davies from on November 12, 1998 at 20:31:50:

In Reply to: Atlantis? posted by HF605 on November 08, 1998 at 19:43:02:

I agree with Indy Magnoli.

After playing the game "Fate Of Atlantis" I was on an 'Indy high' that paralleled the feeling one gets after having seen one of the films for the first time. It was a GREAT story shrouded in mystery and adventure accompanied by a top soundtrack.

I also tend to agree that Atlantis has been flogged a bit by writers in the past, but I do believe the first time I was exposed to it in a large way was with "Fate Of Atlantis". By this I would tend to think that no matter how much its use has been exhausted in the past, an Indy movie based on this would reign supreme over all other permutations. Besides, who wants to see one of the other Indy flicks re-done with nothing but different names on characters and places. The thing that made Raiders great was its uniqueness during its time. Be not afraid Indy fans - it was that new thing that got you hooked in the first place. I believe that Indy IV should take a slightly new direction - try a new angle. Although its an old story, perhaps Atlantis can do it.

Just a thought.

: I am not sure that I like the idea of Atlantis being what Indy goes for in this movie. Yes, I love Indy to death, that is why I think he deserves some greater artifact. What about excalibur? I think that would make a great story! Finding excalibur. Just think, Hitler could be looking for it too, because of its military might. I just don't like the atlantis idea. It is just to overused. Its like having Indy look for the cause of crop circles or being ubducted by aliens.
: HF605

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