"What's with this Marion thing!?!" and other complaints

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Posted by Dietrich from on November 13, 1998 at 11:18:40:

Just a quick question to those that have an opinion regarding Indy IV?

Why does everyone (I know, I'm generalizing here) think that Marion should return? Are you people insane?! The reason Indiana Jones was created (which is still one of the main reasons they'll make a third sequel) was to act as a nostalgic throwback to the Saturday afternoon serials of the 30s and 40s. At the end of those adventures, the hero rides off to another adventure, more dangers and more girls. That's the idea. James Bond doesn't settle down and raise a family - that's not what that series is about. It's the same reason Mulder and Scully will never get together. The X-Files is a show about supernatural conspiracies. James Bond is an Action series. The Indiana Jones films are about adventure!!! It's not a soap opera. We do not need to see him married or with children! That's not what the character's about! I want to see another great adventure with the Jones boys. I don't want to see Marion return simply because she was the first Indy girl - hey! That must mean they got married!

Now, if you'll alow me a quick opinion: I think that the people who want Marion to return are the same type of people who thought Temple of Doom wasn't true Indy because it was too dark. You know who you are. You're the people who think Denholm Elliot's death should be addressed in the new movie - simply because you can't understand that one of the reasons most people become actors or writers is the comfort that grows from knowing that something you created will live on after you're gone.

I'm all for discussing our hopes and dreams for Indy IV, but to those that this letter is meant for - I don't think you really understand what the series is about.

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