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Posted by Brisco from on January 27, 1998 at 01:18:43:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones Cannon ???? posted by Aragorn on January 26, 1998 at 17:59:09:

: The movies, as you said, are the major source. Also would come The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, since Lucas wrote many of the episodes and produced them all (and Ford appeared in one, legitimizing it). The novels come next (the ones by MacGregor, Caidin, and McCoy) since they are officially liscensed by Lucasfilm. I would doubt the Dark Horse comic series would be considered canon, since it's Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix series grossly contradicted Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone, by McCoy. Also, I'd imagine that Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (the team path) would be considered canon, since it was presented to us in two mediums (computer game and graphic novel).

: Anyone agree/disagree?

Well, now. That is a tough question. Especially the novels vs. the comics. Both are officially licensed. I would say that the heirachy goes Movies- TV- Computer Games- Adult Novels- Dark Horse Comic Books- Young Indy Novels. Marvel Comic books ("The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones") are the only thing that I would say are strictly NON-canonical. It wouldn't be so tough to decide which is canon if Lucasfilm was as meticulous with Indy continuity as they are with Star Wars! As to the logic behind my rankings, here goes: Movies and TV shows are pretty obvious. I'd say computer games next because they are officially produced by LucasArts, presumably under the aegis of George himself. This covers some elements covered in the Last Crusade game but not the movie, and Fate of Atlantis for sure. I'm not sure why I rank the novels ahead of the Dark Horse comics, but that's the way it seems it should go. We have to overlook some timeline problems between the Rob McGregor books and the Young Indy episodes. The Dark Horse comics fit into continuity fairly well for the most part. The only big problems are that it makes no sense for "Thunder In the Orient" to chronologically proceed "Fate of Atlantis" and... and "Iron Pheonix." This is in direct contridiction to Max McCoy's "Philosopher's Stone" novel. The novel is the much better story. BUT the comic is based on a LucasArts game, one which was never produced. (To date.) Does that mean that the comic/game story supercedes the book? Personally, I don't take the Young Indy novels as serious canon. Indy on the Titanic? C'mon! The Marvel books are definitely not canon, as many controdict later stories, and they really don't have the right Indy "feel" to them anyway. (Though some are good reads!) The way I account for these, and for the discrepencies in continuity, is that Indy's adventures have become exaggerated over the years in their chronicaling. Perhaps as an old man he mixed up some of his stories, or stretched the truth. Perhaps biographers got details wrong. This accounts for things like the Philosopher's Stone problem. Oh, well. It works for me, any way. I guess the only thing close to an "official" canon is the excellent timeline in the "World of Indiana Jones" roleplaying game book. That draws from all the sources I mentioned except the Marvel comics, plus some European Indy novels I've never seen and some unproduced Dark Horse comic ideas.

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