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Posted by Webley from on November 15, 1998 at 03:42:12:

In Reply to: Re: Twister posted by Mark on November 15, 1998 at 02:21:54:

: : As a person who lives in Tornado Alley, care to correct any (blatant!) mistakes in Twister? ;-)

: : Check six.

: : -Mithrandir-

: The movie overall was fairly accurate, although occasionally they had to compromise reality for dramatics. One scene I have to comment on is the ending, where they are sitting in the barn, strapped to the pipe and the tornado goes right over them. Now, being stationary as they were- the debris would have chewed them up, a tornado is full of debris, which is the main cause of death for most tornado victims. The wind is so fast and powerful, a single strand of straw could go right through a person, yet they got through it with barely a scratch. Also, they seemed to be able to get incredibly close to a tornado without much of a problem. A few years back, a tornado touched down a half mile from my house. The wind was so powerful from this distance, I watched an inflatable kids pool in my backyard, almost full of water, tip upright and fly away, this strong from a half mile away! One interesting fact about the movie though, is that the drive-in theatre sequence actually did happen in real life after the movie was released- the movie people were watching was Twister, no joke! It was on the news.

Thought so that the ending scene was impossible.
I have read once an article about some tornado chasers (was interesting). It sounds cool but you must have much patience to do a job like that because you never know when and where a tornado will appear.
But it is cool to watch with all those special effects.
That cow scene was very funny.
I hope that you don't loose your house, or even worse!

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