Oh, you WERE talking about me!!! Go ahead and e me.

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Posted by Mithrandir from ppp-207-193-239-74.snantx.swbell.net on November 16, 1998 at 20:37:36:

In Reply to: Sorry, thought you were talking about me. ;-) posted by Mithrandir on November 16, 1998 at 20:20:54:

: : : : First of all, you have to be the most obsessed person with Harrison Ford I've met yet here. Please, please, PLEASE don't take this the wrong way...are you a girl or a guy? If girl, I understand. If guy, I wonder.

: : : : Second of all, there's only been one person I know of nominated for an acting Oscar in an action role: Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. Why, I don't know. But she's the only one I know of. So, sadly, Ford + Indy = Oscar is a pretty slim equation, I think. Not that he doesn't deserve one.

: : : : Thirdly, it's not a good idea to come into here with a smart mouth. I don't especially like the thought of a self-proclaimed 13 year-old using the word "bitching". True, some of us here sometimes put profanity in, but even then it's starred out (s***, f*** etc). If you find adjectives, expletives, interjections, verbs, and nouns that appeal to strictly your tastes, keep them to yourself please. I'm not trying to stir up trouble; I'm just letting you know what we expect of you here. Your views and ideals may be appreciable, but convey them appreciably also. Etiquette is a plus here.

: : : : Boy, does Michaelson need to talk to you. :-)

: : : : In any case, see you later. I'm sure you'll find PLENTY to talk about here at the Forum.

: : : : Check six.

: : : : -Mithrandir-

: : : : PS. Just a reminder: not trying to make you mad or anything, just telling you what you need to know to get along here.

: : : : Check six.

: : : : -Mithrandir-

: : :
: : : I have a few things to say to you, my friend, but I would rather e-mail them to you to keep it out of the forum. If interested, let me know; I won't e-mail you without permission.

: : : --nitzsche

If you're going to comment on what I said to LFM, I guess I got a little carried away there. I just know too many people half my age with dirty mouths. It really saddens me to see kids acting like that. Not LFM in particular, but some kids. We could carry this on into a philosiphical discussion if you want to, but the meat of this post is I apologize to LFM for what I said. I still stand by "Let's have a nice, clean Forum", but I won't do any more lashing out at people here. From what I've heard from LFM, he's apologized for it, which I accept, but I actually feel that most of the blame is mine. Hate to make enemies here. So, my fault as much as LFM's, if not more. Was a bad day that day. --nitzsche, if you still want to e-mail me, don't hesitate to do so. Always open to criticisms/compliments - puts me in my place from time to time, which I think is a healthy thing. Not to kiss up, but the kid's got spunk. Lot of original questions and comments from him. Keep it up. Sorry if I stirred up trouble. Again, my apologies to LFM, --nitzsche, and most importantly, to the Forum members.

Very apologetically and humbly, Check six.


PS. Let's get back to being an Indy forum. C you guys later.

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