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Posted by Michaelson from on November 18, 1998 at 07:51:18:

In Reply to: Fedoras posted by Groo on November 18, 1998 at 05:27:39:

: I posted this earlier, but everyone focused on the first part of the message, so here goes take 2:

: It has become commonly reasoned that Herbert Johnson made the fedora hats used in at least some of the Indy movies. Is there anyone out there who has OFFICIAL proof from say Lucasfilm or the head costumer for the films proclaiming HJ made all the hats? This doesn't seem to me to be very likely. All the hats worn by Harrison Ford have different blocking(or bashing if you prefer) styles in each movie. If HJ really did make all the hats, did they pick somebody different to style the hats in each movie or what? Does anyone have OFFICIALLY VERAFIABLE information on this subject?
: Finally a serious question Regards,
: Groo

And a good discussion one too. My other question would be regarding the MidWest gloves. The only source of info regarding this glove was that it was discovered that MidWest had shipped these to Paramount in the early 1980's for studio general use. But then so did Wells Lamont, who still offers their gloves in all equipment catalogs I receive here at my studio. I never even heard of MidWest until the forum listed it, and it has never appeared in the literature. The scenes shot with Indy wearing the gloves in Raiders were shot in England and elsewhere, not California. The story goes also that he had to borrow the gloves from a grip working on the set, because they hadn't provided him with a pair, and he kept them for the remainder of the movie. Years ago in my own research, Wells Lamont also has records of supplying Paramount with grip gloves going back into the 50's. So where does MidWest get the nod to a collector as being THE gloves? Wells Lamont has been the industry supplier for decades. As to the fedora, I also find it strange no one has stepped up and said, "Yes, I did the deed!!!" Maybe they are so secure in their business they don't care who knows. A few companies are like that. One of those items to ponder. Regards. Michaelson

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