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Posted by Dale Dassel from on November 18, 1998 at 15:55:13:

In Reply to: Hey Dale!!!!! posted by Michaelson on November 18, 1998 at 14:49:40:

: :
: : I've been away for awhile. I just wanted to say that I just
: : received my Aldens and they are absolutely fantastic!!! Now all I
: : need is the Herbert Johnson fedora and I will have everything!!!
: : By the way, has ANYBODY heard ANYTHING about Indiana Jones and the
: : Secret of the Sphinx? I e-mailed Max McCoy about four months ago
: : and have heard nothing. It has been nearly two years since the
: : release of Hollow Earth, which promised Secret of the Sphinx
: : COMING SOON FROM BANTAM BOOKS. I wish!!! I've been unsuccessfully
: : trying to locate a Chronicle Book of Raiders- but to no avail.
: : If anybody would like some s of the Alden shoes I would be
: : happy to take some s and send them to you. I would also like
: : to say a special Hello to my friends Michaelson, Dan Borton, and
: : Max Schule. Hi guys!!! I missed you!!! Are we still friends?
: : I hope so. I've just been out of pocket for awhile. I'd like to
: : be a frequent contributor to this forum again. Oh yeah, I have
: : built a scale model of the Mayan pyramid in Fate of Atlantis. I'll
: : see about photographing it and sending some s to the Indy
: : fan art thing. I just need an address. It came out really good.
: : I used a camcorder to film it matted against the sky and with
: : real trees behind it, along with Enya music overlaying the sound.
: : It came out fantastic!!! May the Ford Be With You...

: : In the name of adventure,

: : Dale Dassel

: All I have to say is, Dale, where in the @#$% have you been !! Welcome back, old friend. Missed you. The book is supposed to be out in January, according to last report. Regards. Michaelson

Hi Michaelson!!! Well, I've been working on a number of personal
projects. I also took the entrance test (and passed!!!) for a technical
college. I am taking Graphic Communications (a fancy title for film-
making, artistic design, and (my favorite: SPECIAL EFFECTS PHOTOGRAPHY!!!)
My class is booked full until January. So I have a lot of time to .
In addition to my Mayan pyramid, I have been working on my comic books,
which I have been drawing since the 8th grade, and I am designing the
concept for a story called Equinox that I am going to write. It is a
story about the search for Atlantis and its ultimate destruction. The
tale takes place in the dark ages and is an Indiana Jones-style story.
I have also been typing and editing my travel journal from my trip to
California last year (where I visited Skywalker Ranch). I have also
been garnering support from my parents to get me the Alden boots,
which I picked up from the shop on Monday afternoon. They are SWEET!!!
Now I have to wait until sometime in 99' to get the HJ Poet.
What have you been up to?


P.S.- How's the Wested holding up? Mine's great.

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