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Posted by Dale Dassel from on November 18, 1998 at 16:55:10:

In Reply to: Indy IV posted by Greg on November 18, 1998 at 16:13:14:

: Hey there Indy fans! I just wanted to pose a somewhat horrible but at
: the same time thought: There is a possiblity that Indy may
: be wearing a different wardrobe for the new film. It will take place,
: after all, many years in the future beyond Last Crusade (1938).
: Perhaps we should be focusing our finely tuned research on the future
: of costuming, while not completely abandoning our quests for an
: authentic "past". Any thoughts? I for one am interested in seeing
: what elements they keep the same (bullwhip of course, perhaps fedora
: and jacket), but as we all know, the MKVII bags are getting scarcer in
: good condition, and the pants and shirt style may change, as well as
: his and hols

Greg, what you say may be true. After all, look at Fedora's 1912
outfit: very Indy-looking. It fooled all of us first-time viewers
into thinking that he was Indiana Jones (until he turned around).
The outfit made a big impression on the young Indiana Jones, who
tried to duplicate it as closely as possible later on in his life.
What he succeeded in copying is what we all know as Indiana Jones'
outfit. Now, considering that this new adventure will take place
sometime in the 1940's, the outfit might change a bit. But I doubt
seriously that Lucas and Spielberg would drastically change the
look of Indiana Jones- the world-famous look of adventure. True,
the shirt and pants may change a little, but the whip, jacket,
boots, and satchel would remain the same- as well as the ever-
popular fedora- whose style remained at the height of fashion
even into the 1950's. Fear not Indy fans, have a little backbone,
will ya'?

-Dale Dassel

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