Another use for Pecards: Patterson and the poisonous plant from hell!

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Posted by Patterson from on August 01, 2001 at 20:01:37:

Well, this will have a tie-in to Pecards, really…

We took the kids camping over the weekend – what my wife calls camping, at least. For me, it is not camping if they have showers, rocks painted with campsite numbers, and music blaring into the night. But that’s another soapbox…

Again, we took the kids camping, and somewhere along the way, this ex-scout came into contact with some absolute nasty poison oak. Honest to goodness, I do know what the stuff looks like! Somehow, some of the oil made it onto my hands, and I must have rubbed my eyes. YIKES! It made it into my tear ducts sometime on Friday. On Sunday morning (right about the 36 hours it takes to hit) my eyes felt a bit puffy. No big – I figured it was all the smoke and a pair of contacts needing to be thrown out. Well, by the time we returned on Sunday afternoon, it was turning pretty ugly.

Monday morning, I could not even see. They were shooting enough cortisone into me to float a yacht. And the antihistimines? Well, I flat-out buried the recommended doses for 4 adults. Tuesday morning, I looked like Frankenstein, but at least I could see. About another bathtub of cortisone and 6 more Claritin for me that day. By Wednesday (today) I looked like a burn victim.

But back to the Pecards? Well, the serious itching hit yesterday about noon. Nothing helped – hydrocortisone ointments, calamine, NOTHING! Then my wife said, “Didn’t you say something about that tub of gunk you put on your jackets relieving the itch from those really bad mosquito bites you had last summer?” She was right – it had inadvertently taken care of those bites. Why not?

I put some on and, man I was all fixed up!

Have I gone over the top? Well, given the chemical cocktail of toxins, hormones, and antihistamines I’ve had in my bloodstream, I’m not in a position to say.

Just thought I’d share…



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