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Posted by Mithrandir from on November 22, 1998 at 17:50:04:

In Reply to: Re: nitzche, or anyone that feels like reading about me posted by LFM on November 21, 1998 at 20:57:06:

: : : : : : : : (I think I got your name wrong again) I'm 13 and in 8th grade at Edgar High. Lots of friends, and a good family. yadadadada...
: : : : : : : : My room is an HF shrine practically. 130 printed from internet pictures. 3 pictures I drew from 3 of those. They actually look alright, I was sorta surprised. I only have 9 of his movies. My mom's making me take down all of the pictures when I paint my room. She's going to let me keep the pictures but not on the wall. Instead I'm going to get some posters framed of him.
: : : : : : : : I broke up with my last boyfriend because I said I was waiting for Harrison to come pick me up at my house wearing a white tux and riding in a black limo. I needed an excuse that everyone was going to think was legit. They already knew about my obsession and they knew I didn't like the guy I was going with.
: : : : : : : : So that's it. Enough about my boring life. I probably said too much. Now how about you guys and girls out there?

: : : : : : : Will you marry me? ;-)
: : : : : : : Almost the same except that most of my friends don't know I'm an IndyFan? Only the friends that saw my room and some I trust.
: : : : : : : Is this good or bad?
: : : : : : : -Webley-

: : : : : : Well for starters, I'm sixteen years old, male and go to high school (sophomore, but everyone who doesn't know thinks I'm a senioe ;-)). I live in Texas; more specifically, the area that was ravaged by the floods about a month and a half ago. No girlfriend (oh well). Varsity soccer last year (fullback), probably again this year. Club team called Internacional '83 (which is about precise because our coach is English and we have both French and Jordanian halfbacks ;-)), Ford fan since I saw Raiders for the first time a few years ago, Indyfan since this summer, read Tom Clancy and JRR Tolkien, watch widescreen movies, THX fan and advocate, love Riverdance, one younger brother (13), both parents are teachers (my dad was on Jeopardy ($14000!!!) and he currently teaches golf and health at his high school, my mom is going for her Masters in Library and Information Sciences and she just had her birthday), I'm Slavic on my dad's side and Rest of Europe on my mom's, once caught the garter at a wedding and had to put it back on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet, haven't had a Regulars class in HS yet, 6'2", 180 lbs, kinda sorta muscular, brown and brown N/S, N/D, we once "caught" a fugitive (long story, but I'll tell it if you're interested), don't drive yet (you're still safe on the road for at least one more year ;-), I am not a crook, and if I think of anything else, I'll post it.

: : : : : : Check six.

: : : : : : -Mithrandir-

: : : : : You sound sooooo great. You have a definite more interesting life than me. Wow!!! Your dad was on Jeopardy. That rocks. You play soccer? Very cool. It's also very cool that you don't drink or smoke. I don't prefer people that do. That's why i don't like most of the guys in my school. I'm from a very small town in the smack dab center of Wisconsin. About 1200 people. You sound so much better than the guys at my school. They're cute and everything but all they think of are girls and sports. Drives me nuts. Well I 'd like to hear from you again some time. I have to send an instant message to my sister's boyfriend. He wants to chat with her. Oh well. Oh yeah, did you hear that the first Star Wars movie is going to be coming out on May 21, 1999. Saw the trailer for it tonite on Access Hollywood. Pretty Cool huh? rock on!! Oh and I play golf and basketball and I'll be doing shotput and disc in track this spring. Gotta go now.
: : : : : LFM

: : : : Well, one of the reasons I sound "soooo great", to use your words, is that I listed only the high points of my life. Some bad things are: I've been sick for the last four days, I have drainage down my throat, my throat feels like sandpaper, I'm dizzy, disoriented, yadayadayada. I procrastinate, can't remeber about homework (though I somehow manage to get Bs and Cs). The list goes on, but nothing too bad. Oh yeah, and shaving's a pain in the butt. Anyway, thank you for the compliments. How are you at your sports? And personally, I think "Phantom Menace" is a pretty, uh, dreary title for a Star Wars movie. Oh God, I have a headache. E-mail me if you like. Need to go get fitted for my coffin ;-) (that was a joke; don't worry, I'll be fine).

: : : : Check six.

: : : : -Mithrandir-

: : : Hey if it makes you feel any better I've got a cold. I'd love to e you but I don't have your address. Unless you listed it and I just don't know where. Anyway. I'm pretty good at my sports. Best at basketball. I was second highest scorer last year and the person that was first was only first because she plays post under the basket. I feel sorry for you. Hope you get better soon. Oh yeah and my grades are only a's because if I don't understand what I'm doing I'm such a suck up. I was so surprised that my algebra teacher gave me an a. Of course it's a joke among my friends that the only reason I get a's is because my dad's the district administrator. That's not true. They don't really mean it ( I don't think anyway) oh well. Get better soon and give me your email address cuz i would like to email you.
: : : LFM

: : Actually, it doesn't make me feel better because now I know that more than one person (me) in the Forum is suffering. Get well soon. Now, as for my e-mail address, look at the very, very top of this post. There should be a line that says "Posted by Mithrandir" followed by my e-mail address and the date and time I posted this. For instance, at the top of your last post to me, I can tell your e-mail address is . But to avoid any confusion in the matter, my e-mail address is . What position do you play in basketball? What can you shoot in golf? As for your dad being a district administrator, we sort of have something in common. Both our dads are well connected in their respective districts. My dad's only a teacher, but he's been in the same district for about twenty-one years now; in addition, he also announces high school track, baseball, basketball, and football in the district stadium. He knows just about every high school coach and administrator in the district, and most of them know who I am. He is on a first-name basis with both the VP and the Principal at my school. Therefore, were I to get into trouble, he'd know before I did. And my butt would be roasted, toasted, and burned beyond recognition.

: : Fortumateley, I'm very good at keeping my nose clean. As for your situation, your dad can pull rank, but that'd be against the rules. Make the As on your own, kiddo. I have faith in you. Trust me. Geez, my head hurts. Missed a soccer game today over this. Oh well. Both my knees feel like the HQ of arthritis, so I wouldn't want to play anyway. What a way to start the holidays.

: : Out of sheer morbid curiosity, you don't happen to like Hanson or Dicaprio, do you? I only ask this because you proclaim to be a 13-year-old girl.

: : That's all for now. Hope to hear from you soon (by e-mail, perhaps).

: : Check six.

: : -Mithrandir-

: This is so awesome! We have a lot in common. In basketball I play a guard. My 3pointer is sweet. Oh my knees hurt a lot too. Especially during basketball. My ankles too. I hate Leonardo and Hanson. They are the gayest idiots in the world. Hey I was thinking maybe we should go to the top of the page with this. We're getting a little low on the first thinger. Oh and my email address is You were probably reading webley's or something. Oh well. I get to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It'll be fun cuz I like to do stuff like that. The lowest score i ever got on 9 hole play was 53. I'm still learning mind you. I haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. I love going to golf class because my instructor is so funny. He makes golf a lot of fun for me. Poor little you. I really do feel sorry for you. I've already started feeling better. I hate being sick. Are you good at soccer? I never really watched it on t.v. That's just about the only way I would know about it. We
: just finished a soccer unit in phy-ed. Now we're in weight lifting. My first try squatting I did 135. I can only bench 65. As for weight a real lady doesn't give that out. So tuff luck.
: I'll post something else tomorrow it's pretty late in the midwest. I'll be sending you an email befor I go to bed though.

Sent you an e-mail back. About your weight - mind if I guess? I'd say 100 lbs., give or take 10. I'll tell you something - I'm not going to take being 100% healthy for granted for a long time. Now I have a mild case of Cabin Fever ("I've got Cabin Fever, it's burning in my brain; I've got Cabin Fever, it's driving me insane!!!). Thus far in the last three days, the Internet has been my only link to the outside (TV gets boring). Geez, coughing hurts.

Check six.


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